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Enemy Territory Ultimate Installer is a very simple installer that gathers all you need to play to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. With the regular files, you need at least 3 steps to install version 2.60b. With ET Ultimate Installer, there's only one file to download and all the files needed will be installed in a few seconds.

It is especially made for all the beginners and for people who want to (re)install ET quickly and easily. It's faster and easier to use than the usual installers! You will get the latest patch, the maps most commonly used (at least in competition), the most played mods, etc. Why not trying it then? ;)


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CFG Nice   CFG ugly
"Nice" cfg @ 1280x1024
"Ugly" cfg @ 1280x1024


v1.6 (339 MB)
MD5 checksum: 7DEBB30B4AFC578B4493DB1155A46214



If you see anything wrong or if you think there is something missing, please tell me.
Feel free to add mirrors :)